Santa Claus

The North Pole

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December 20, 2000

Dear Diemaco,

I have been checking my list and it seems that you have been naughty, not just for making weapons of mass destruction, but also because you are not willing to allow a public inspection of your weapons factory on January 15 by members of Homes not Bombs. You claim that you are a private plant, but you receive public funds, hundreds of millions of them.

If you were making a fun product like skipping ropes, or a necessary product, such as environmentally sound insulation for houses, I would not be here, and there would be no demonstration on January 15.

But you are making things which violate the peaceful spirit of this season, and the international rule of law. Machine guns, grenade launchers, assault rifles, sniper rifles, these are the instruments of murder and destruction, not the instruments with which we build peace.

But because I believe in the power of people to change, I am giving you the gift of this story, Dr. Seuss's Butter Battle Book, which shows the utter silliness of building bigger and more efficient means of killing one another. Instead, I hope you will learn from this book, and invite members of Homes not Bombs to the table for dialogue on how to transform yourself into a socially useful company.

If you do not open your doors to public scrutiny, I have no choice but to support these nonviolent individuals when they return here on Martin Luther King Day, January 15, for their inspection of the plant.

I hope you will find the love in your hearts and the courage in your souls that's needed to say no to killing, no to the weapons of mass death, and yes to community building, yes to life.


Santa Claus

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