"My son and I do not have access to the Ontario that Harris talks about in his TV ads. We live in daily terror as his government actively and knowingly works to break down our lives." &emdash; Martha Eleen, mother of Gabe, a 22-year-old physically and mentally handicapped man with life-threatening epileptic seizures whose care funding was cut one-third by the Harris government, with deeper cuts to come.


Justice for Gabe!

Justice for All Ontarians with Disabilities


Thursday, May 27, 12 noon

Protest Inaction on Disabled Rights

Campaign Office of Isabel Bassett

(minister responsible for inaction over the rights of the disabled)

2152 Yonge Street

(a few blocks south of Eglinton on the west side)

The Harris Government, and the Minister Responsible for Disability Issues, Isabel Bassett, have betrayed the 1.5 million Ontarians with disabilities. The 1995 promise to pass a strong, effective Ontarians with Disabilities Act during its term of office was left unfulfilled.

The Harris government also cut benefits in real terms to the disabled needing help to cope in the home. The decline for families struggling to keep their loved ones at home, rather than institutionalizing them, has meant an average 30% cut in services.

Gabe is one such person affected by the Harris government's lack of commitment to persons with disabilities. Due to life-threatening epileptic seizures, Gabe requires 24-hour-care, and for the past year his family and friends have fought an uphill battle because the Tories withdrew one-third of what was inadequate support to begin with, and much of what remains is slated to be cut as well. Gabe and his family want an end to this nightmare, and a solid commitment from Isabel Bassett to ensure that Gabe and others in other situations receive proper care.

For more info. call Gabriel West Support Group at 423-8713 or 534-0899

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