- a Vote for Volpe is a Vote for Torture

- A Vote for Volpe is a Vote Against Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants

- A Vote for Volpe is a Vote for Detentions and Deportations of Immigrants and Refugees

A Vote for Volpe is a Vote for Business as Usual -- the Denial of Rights for Immigrants and Refugees

A federal election is looming on the Horizon. Across Canada, Immigrants, Refugees and Supporters are organizing to make Immigrant Rights a platform issue in the election and to ensure that whoever takes the position of Minister of Citizenship and Immigration next February, knows that our communities won't take attacks on immigrants and refugees lying down.

Join us for information pickets in January at the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Joe Volpe's campaign office on the following Saturdays:

SATURDAY JANUARY 7th 1pm (Hosted by No One Is Illegal and Justicia for Migrant Workers)

SATURDAY JANUARY 14th 1pm (Hosted by Toronto Action For Social Change and the Campaign to Stop the Secret Trials)

Joe Volpe's Campaign office is at Avenue Road and Lawrence. Take the 52 Bus from Lawrence Subway station westbound, or eastbound from Lawrence West Subway station

Together we are united on the following demands (endorsed by groups across Canada):

- An end to the security certificates

- An end to deportations of Immigrants and Refugees

- An end to the detentions of Immigrants and Refugees

- The immediate implementation of the Refugee Appeal Division

- A full, accessible amnesty for all undocumented Immigrants and Refugees

Joe Volpe announced before the election was called that he was planning to change immigration and refugee policy. Though there were some good changes announced (including reducing waiting times for family sponsorships) the majority of the announcement was business as usual: the independent immigrant category would continue to favour middle class people of European descent, no end to the security certificates (under which non-citizens can be detained indefinitely without ever seeing the evidence against them in the name of 'security'), no amnesty for undocumented workers, and the final scrapping of the refugee appeal division (so that there is no appeal for failed refugee claimants).

We must make it clear that regardless of who takes over Joe's job, this racist, sexist, classist, anti-Muslim immigration program cannot continue!

Join us to take this message to Joe, to put these issues on the agenda in the election and to show our support for Immigrants and Refugees.

For More Information: tasc@web.ca, nooneisillegal@riseup.net