Transforming Weaponsmaker Diemaco into Human Needs Meeter Lifemaco in Kitchener

Homes not Bombs organized a series of actions during 2000 and 2001 to turn Diemaco into Lifemaco. A corporation whose only pupose is to produce products that, if used correctly, have only one purpose -- murder -- has no right to exist, and needs to be transformed.


Below are a series of links to articles related to the campaign and the company's production of weapons. Also below is Diemaco's mascot, followed by a copy of the mascot we would give a transformed DIEmaco, LIFEmaco.





Below are the symbols of Diemaco, the company that prides itself on building for war, and our alternative image, Lifemaco, the company that builds for human needs


Diemaco's image of itself, above. Our image of a transformed LIFEmaco, below