The aim of the "Esperanza Fund" is to meet the significant needs of the families of Canada's secret trial detainees, four women and 11 children who, as a result of Canada's anti-democratic refugee, immigration, and "security" policies, face poverty and lack access to the kinds of summer camps, educational and cultural programs my mother enjoyed as a result of another generation's struggle. The fund is in honour of Deborah Cass Behrens, who recognized that we are not placed on this earth merely to survive; that life should be a celebration of laughter, of theatre and dance and song, of play, of freedom from fear.

To contribute, write a cheque to Homes not Bombs and mail it to PO Box 73620, 509 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto, ON M6C 1C0. (Note on your cheque in the memo space this is for the Esperanza Fund.)

We can issue charitable receipts for donations over $100, but to do so you MUST contact us first for details on how to make those arrangements (at OR AT (416) 651-5800).


 "There will come a time, I know
When People will take delight in one another
When each will be a star to the other
And when each will listen to their neighbour as to music.
The free people will walk upon the earth
People great in their freedom.
They will walk with open hearts
And the heart of each will be pure of envy and greed
And therefore all of humanity will be without malice
And there will be nothing to divorce the heart from reason.
Then life will be one great service to humanity!
Our figure will be raised to lofty heights
For to free people all things are attainable.
Then we shall live in truth and freedom and beauty
And those will be accounted the best who will the more widely embrace the world with their hearts
And whose love of it will be the profoundest;
Those will be the best who will be the freest
For in them is the greatest beauty
Then life will be great
And the people will be great who live that life."

 From "Mother," by Maxim Gorky's Mother

For background on how and why the fund came together, click HERE