International Ramadan

Solidarity Fast


The Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada would like to invite you to

join an international fast of solidarity with the largely Muslim detainees

from the so-called war against terror (a war against democracy really) who

are imprisoned across the globe. If you would like to join this sun-up to

sun-down fast for the month of Ramadan please sign this statement and

return to, and we will post it on our website

(, send it to media outlets and to governments alike.


Thank you!

Matthew Behrens and Diana Ralph

Toronto, Canada


To sign on to the fast click here:

or send a message to



A central tenet of the Muslim faith is the idea that one is called upon to

assist those less fortunate than oneself. That expression of solidarity

with the poor, the persecuted, the disadvantaged, takes on added meaning during the

month-long fast of Ramadam. It is during this time when Muslims, in order

to feel both closer to God and to better feel empathy for those they are

called to assist the rest of the year, experience the self-restraint of a sun-up to sun-down

fast every day, for a month.


Muslim detainees fill the jails of the world, persecuted on the basis of

their faith. Many people of Arabic, Middle Eastern and South Asian heritage

and Muslim faith find themselves in U.S., U.K., and Canadian jails, often without

charge or bail, on secret evidence neither they nor their lawyers are allowed to see.


This year, in a public expression of solidarity with the detainees and

their long-suffering families, and as part of a call for due process for

all those detained, we as people who are not of the Muslim faith are

nonetheless committing ourselves to joining the sun-up to sun-down daily

fast of Ramadan, from October 27 to November 26.


We call on governments the world over to stop their war against civil

liberties, and to ensure that those detained receive immediate due process.


Name, Country

Diana Ralph, Toronto, ON, Canada

Rae Mitchell, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Jean Hanson, Toronto, ON, Canada

Matthew Behrens, Toronto, ON, Canada

Theodore Micceri, United States

Ahmad Ktaech, Toronto, ON, Canada

Daron Letts, Fredericton, NB, Canada

Eileen Knowles,. U.S.

Liam Husk, Canada

Evan Dalrymple, Canada

Foad Mashayekhi, U.S.

Rex Barger, Canada

Jenn Thomas, Canada

Marie Major, Canada

David Swann, Canada

Liz Lambert, Canada

Ruby Hussein, Canada

Chris Shannon, Canada

Lyn Adamson, Canada

Bill Ross, Canada

Katie O'Hagan, Canada