Canada Now Supplies the Bullets to Murder Iraqis, Afghanis, and Anyone Else Who Falls Afoul of the U.S. Empire....



To Remember is to End All War and War Profiteering

Vigil for Peace and Justice

Wednesday, November 10, Noon-hour

SNC-Lavalin, 2200 Lakeshore Road West (at Park Lawn), Etobicoke

Leaving at 11 am from a downtown location to be determined.

Bring Drums!


*****If you have a vehicle and can help us with a carpool, call (416) 651-5800. To book a ride call us at 651-5800 or email



Because they are the parent company of SNC TEC, a Quebec-based ammunition company which has just signed a major contract to provide, along with its partners, upwards of 700 million bullets to occupation forces in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. We are holding this demonstration to give the workers at SNC-Lavalin in Toronto (who do not work on the bullets) a sense of what another of their subsidiaries is engaged in, and encourage immediate divestment. MORE BACKGROUND


Because these workers do not build military stuff -- many may not even know what another of their parent company's subsidiaries is doing -- we want to start with a process of invitation to dialogue. We will be there with headstones with the names of those killed by SNC products, to beat on drums until we have counted out the number of people murdered by the occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and to flyer employees and passersby.


Below is the letter we have sent to SNC Employees there.


Dear Friends,


As Canada approaches another Remembrance Day, and we hear the cries of "never again," we hope that you will consider what role your company, SNC-Lavalin, plays in the perpetuation of war and injustice. Many of you may not know that one of SNC-Lavalin's subsidiaries is involved in producing products which have only one purpose: murder. Indeed, there is no creative or life-enhancing values attached to SNC's product. Bullets, and the guns from which they are fired are, pure and simple, tools of terror.

Now that this product will be produced on an even larger scale thanks to a contract jointly signed by SNC Technologies and U.S./Israeli partners, the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, who are forced to survive under the human rights violations of U.S. and Canadian occupation, will now face death at a handsome profit to SNC shareholders.

We believe that the best way to remember is to end all war. And so on Nov. 10, we will be holding a nonviolent presence at your Etobicoke offices in the hope that you will join us for dialogue and discussion and how SNC-Lavalin can get rid of such a miserable subsidiary.

Indeed, SNC's core values states "high standards of health and safety are a primary objective in all our activities worldwide." This hardly seems consistent with the product produced by SNC.

Our purpose is not to harm or threaten anyone; rather, it is an informational event, and one which will be solemn in its remembrance of ALL victims of wars, regardless of their country.

We look forward to meeting with you.


The folks at Homes not Bombs