Turning Fort York Armoury into Affordable, Non-Profit Housing (a precursor to the Moss Park Transformation Project)


In a Christmas gift to the homeless, the Canadian Armed Forces evicted homeless people staying at the Fort York Armoury in December, 1999, so that war training could carry on in the name of "peacekeeping." Homes not Bombs attempted to have Fort York consider the idea that the whole property should be turned into permanent, affordable, non-profit housing. Below are some links to correspondence regarding this proposal, as well as a summary of the action which took place on a freezing cold Martin Luther King Day in January, 2000.

Article on Army Evicting Homeless, Sept. 1999

Open Letter to Canadian Armed Forces, Xmas Eve, 1999

Open Letter to Brigadier-General Walter Holmes, January 8, 2000

Citizen's Inspection Certificate (legal basis for the occupation), Fort York, January 17, 2000

King Day at the Fort York Armoury: Trying to Open a Space for the Homeless When the Thermometer Dips to 40 Below, January 17, 2000


Home Builders Gather (below) at the entrance to Fort York Armoury, braving bitter cold to try and open the empty place up for the homeless, January, 2000


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